Archiving CSWS

The Center for the Study of Women and Society (CSWS) has been around since 1977, when it was first established. It has since been leaving behind documents of its achievements, events, and its history. My job is to go through the CSWS archive where these documents are stored and put together a collection that tells the narrative of the Center by focusing on its accomplishments and involvements in various aspects of feminism and equality. This collection will not be a comprehensive history of everything the CSWS has and continues to work towards, but it will highlight some of the major events and projects that have made CUNY and New York City better because of them. Such efforts consist of leading projects to integrate research by women and women of color into academia and students’ studies in CUNY’s community and senior colleges and putting together an Oral History Archive using interviews of activist women who led non-profit organizations in New York City. There are many victories and even a few losses, but the hope is to show the narrative of the Center through its archival documents. We are hoping to have the final collection up on the CUNY Digital History Archive (CDHA) website for everyone to view by the end of the Spring 2019 semester. I hope you look forward to it!

-Unnati Patel

Unnati Patel is a current MA Student in the program for Women’s and Gender Studies at CUNY Graduate Center

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