MA Program in Women’s and Gender Studies

The Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to graduate study in topics related to women’s and gender issues. The program aims to combine theory and practice, looking at gender and sexuality issues from an academic perspective, while at the same time giving students a grounding in real world concerns and the tools they need to think critically and creatively about women’s and gender issues. Students enrolled in the program will gain a broad understanding of gender and sexuality theories, writing, and movements, as well as develop special competence in their particular area of interest. This program is open to students from any relevant academic major, and/or working women and men seeking to return to school for a higher degree. Students completing this degree will be prepared to enter a wide range of government or private organizations that require gender expertise including social policy organizations, and/or to undertake further study at the Ph.D. level. Students will have access to diverse faculty and wide expertise as well as to the rich resources available in New York City.

We are now accepting applications for the new Master of Arts Program in Women’s and Gender Studies at the Graduate Center, CUNY. For consideration in our Fall 2020 class, we are accepting applications until January 15th, 2020.

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